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We create the content for your company events, product launches, trade shows, press conferences etc. and render it using high-end tools.

It’s the dawn of The PowerPoint days! Off with the long data streams, boring texts and static images! Make a show out of your presentation!
Impress your audience with cutting edge design and technology! Interactivity is the password for today’s entertainment. 
Catch the new thing before your competitors do!

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THE FUTURE OF PRESENTATIONS -  technology and show
The PowerPoint days are over. Make a show of your presentation!

With us you find the perfect solution for presentations to impress your audience beyond expectations.
Do not let yawn of boredom, but make them stay open-mouthed with delight!

No more rows of data,  boring texts,  static images and simple PowerPoint presentations. The next step is innovation and differentiation, provided by leading technology.
Your presentation must be flexible enough to  permit changes to be made until the last moment, before the event.

Our professional tools for 3D multimedia presentations include the state-of-the art technology control features. They offer a wide range of possibilities to combine real-time artistic design with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled flexibility.

Whether we talk about movies, complex animations, 2D and 3D graphics or data strings in real time, it is possible to seamlessly  integrate the entire content into one dynamic system.

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Interactivity is the password for today's entertainment

If you have content you want to present, we bring the tools to showcase it. Your public may feel like attending a magic show where the presenter and the elements interact on stage in a captivating way.

We provide the interactive graphics for events, meaning all content displayed on screens, the interactive terminals and their installation.

Here are some examples of applications:
- video wall and touch-screen applications
- Expand image on multiple monitors
- VJ for clubs concerts and parties
- Digital display

They can be used in Fairs & Exhibitions, Press Conferences, Product Launches or no matter what other event you are hosting.

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Impress your audience with cutting edge design and technology!

Innovation. Differentiation.
A good presentation creates and defines public perception. Transmits information, but ignite imagination, while demonstrating innovation, excellence and competence. This is an important opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Changes in real time
Our instruments offer a different rendering environment - graphics that are rendered in real time. You can do the same with a movie.

Usually, you have to wait for everything to be rendered again after each change, a process that could take up to several days.
But depending on the tool, you can make changes even during the event itself, without causing delays or risk.

Multiple sources of content
Whether the format of  your presentation material  is video, audio, graphics, text, charts and information in Excel or MySQL database, the program will know how to use them in a high-impact format.

The system is bidirectional, allowing the presenter / speaker to modify the content sequencing run according to the context and the on-the spot requests.